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LAPIS provides specialist counselling and psychotherapy to people affected by disability and life changing health issues.

Disability can bring about serious and ultimately extremely damaging mental health problems, which are often interpreted and treated as physical or social issues. Disabled people who also experience mental health problems become more and more at risk while getting inappropriate yet costly health treatment. Unless the underlying mental health problems are identified and addressed appropriately, the use of health professionals will not be effective and may exacerbate the problem of the disabled people concerned and those who support them. Many healthcare professionals, who have been trained to cure people, experience frustration around incurable or long term conditions and this inhibits effective communication.

LAPIS addresses this disadvantage by providing specialist counselling and psychotherapy which enables disabled people, their family and carers to gain a better understanding of their predicament so that they can express their needs in a clear and realistic manner.

Quick Facts

  • LAPIS complies with the code of practice of the Health and Care Professions Council (H.C.P.C), and the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (B.A.C.P)
  • LAPIS therapists receive regular supervision and specialist training.
  • LAPIS receives referrals from G.Ps, psychiatrists, Community Psychiatric Nurses, Social Services, the independent sector and self referrals.

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